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15 October, 2010

From Stockholm with Love: The son-of-a Angie movie

Imagine a Holocaust motion picture, featuring cream de la Hollywood, produced with top dollar, and shot at exclusive and exquisite locations including those named in that movie. Everything seems so real, so historic and so monumental, "better than authentic", as they say. It's exactly like supreme art should make us feel: the camp is there, encircled by rows of pointlessly curled, electrified barb wire. Coldness on the spot. The high towers can be seen also, as they throw their unquestionable shadows not just onto the camp's ground, but symbolically onto the whole of mankind first and foremost too. A solitary, sickening, black chimney can be seen as well - the one and only thing overshadowing the shadow... Evil on top of evil. A drama waiting to unfold before our very own eyes.

And I don't want to hear them naughty creeps a.k.a. the movie critics -- I mean who could, in their right mind, ever, possibly, I mean c'mON, even DARE to question authenticity of ANYTHING in such a superbly made picture, so correctly set up!? Right?  Well, not so correctly set up, after all: not only the plot of this allegedly historic picture is actually a total fake, but it's also a faded replica of a love story depicting the romance between that camp's commander and a Jewish girl who "happens" to be an inmate there. Wow, Benigni meets Shakespeare.

(OK, I'm back from throwing up). Seriously, it makes one scratch one's head, and ask: what in the world could possibly be the message of such a bizarre movie then? Say, Love beats War? Or perhaps, Hope beats Tragedy? Hmm. It's more like Revisionism beats History. Ah, those facts... Morbid as it sounds, the above screenplay (or something along those cheesy lines) is actually happening these days. Under the directing of none other but Prima Donna of the Hollywood's kill'em & shoot'em scene, Ms. Angelina Jolie The Merciless, herself. A devil turned angel? Ha-ha.

One night when she was a big girl, Angelina Jolie dreamt a dream. In it, big Angie saw herself directing a movie. And because all of them awards and her extraterrestrial fame which she had accrued previously in an uberhumanly short period of time, have become boring (happens to some, as stage lights illuminate them), she quickly woke up (it's alright, Leo de Caprio OK'd it!) and realized -- like any good spoiled baby brat should -- "Oh my God, I haf'ta do this, I haf'ta I haf'ta, nah nah nah nah naaah!!" Then, according to the screenplay composed by an equally illuminated uberwriter, she phoned her husby, an actor renown for his even greater uberhuman speed at which he acquired his galactic superfame, only to hear from his baby-manly (c'mon, it's Hollywood) mouth the so many times rehearsed yet splendid words of nothing less than total support. "Darlin', you haf'ta, you haf'ta, you... haf'ta!  Just do it, girl! Chase your dream, baby! Oh, how much I love you!"  (Cuuut!!)

Oh well, nothing like a tacky, shitty Hollywood romance, is there. Sure, heck why not, if there is enough consumers to buy it...  BUT only before it starts mangling real people's nightmares, not dreams. Meet One woman's nightmare, another woman's dream: tens of thousands of raped women in Bosnia, many of whom were 10-ish at the time of their prison-camp captivity and systematic rape aimed at producing an army of "new warriors", will be able to watch a totally MADE-UP story on how it COULD HAVE HAPPENED to them too, had it not been as it happened to have happened as it happened, so be it. Not clear what it all means? "Oh well, it's all just entertainment, why are you so excited man?!" Ts ts.

A single question knocks down the whole ideology (as it's clearly NOT just simply an idea!) behind the Jolie's bloody attempt at historic revisionism, at evidence, and at all those numerous verdicts by international judiciary: Was it so difficult to find a REAL Mr. Oscar Schindler or Mr. John Rabe from those four long years of Bosnian Genocide? It was?! Well, too bad then. But don't you dare to fake world's history, Angie baby, just because them masters to whom you owe your ridiculous fame have told you to! For memories of your dirty little propaganda movie (which, sickeningly enough, turns one mental disorder known as the Stockholm Syndrome from the real-life genocide in Bosnia, into an imaginary Romeo & Juliet play while NOT forgetting to use the proper historic setting!), will haunt you and your children's children for generations to come. You're not making this production for us: you see, in the Balkans, we don't learn history in schools or from TV or movies for that matter; we learn history directly, and we learn it from two sources: our folks at home!  As for you and your chasing the cat's tail: life has so many ways of ruining people's dreams, and infinitely many ways of turning those dreams into nightmares.

Hitler had just one favorite director of propaganda movies during WWII, who too was a female. (Women seem to fall easily for romance-meets-bucks type of tactics, a.k.a. soapiness). When it occurs on top of a relatively just and materially rich society, well developed art is a positive phenomenon. But when it occurs in a dictatorship such as Hitler's, or in a colony like Bosnia (a dictatorship under Izetbegović 1993-2003), well developed art is a make-up used for beautifying one essentially evil regime that's against most of people in that society.  So there is only one thing worse than the worst movie: the lying son-of-a Angie movie! 

A personal note to the uberwriter: Mr. Kissinger, thank you very much for the Oscar that went to "No Man's Land", and for the Golden Bear for "Grbavica". Those nice awards that the American and German Film Academies respectively have bestowed, on behalf of fine "peacemakers" such as yourself, upon the authors of those two lying soaps that try to erase history so that you can assemble a third Yugoslavia readymade for a new circle of hell before your followers assemble the Fourth one and so on, were quite enough. Therefore, please Sir, please please please (how do I sound?) would you kindly keep your sweet sugarpie Angie somewhere near you? I mean, you must be on lookout for qualtiy propagandists, correct? Well, what better place for such a creature than by her master's feet?  Oh, and also, do take them domestic "authors" and "actors" from those soaps with you -- as they now smell your blood-red money and awards coming their way once again, they started barking at Genocide survivors who these days protest this newest episode by Henry's Infamous Hollywood Productions. But their barking is plain boring too, not to mention that it's all over the local media supported financially by fine people such as yourself. And since boredom is so inspiring for Angie, say have her start revising American history instead. Sorry, what? Can't hear you...
PS Sorry about all the CAPS: your movie is evil at so many different levels; the shouting may help.