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30 December, 2009

Nature of mud

Who hasn't heard of a journal called "Nature". Check out any media that reports science news, and it jumps at you right away: Nature says... Occasionally, its "counterpart", called "Science" (founded by fraudster Edison who with his Masonic bro Morgan robbed Tesla to the skin), fills in when Nature is away on vacation, as they are roomies living under the same roof belonging to the same landlord. Every West must have its East, every Left must have its Right, every Coke must have its Pepsi. And that's that, in a faked reality-show at least. But how do 'science news', which in most cases are minted under the pens of Nature editors, end up displayed on your screen, and deep-drilled inside your eyes and ears? The shortest answer is: via world's largest news agencies of course, Reuters or AP, as well as large news mills such as CNN or BBC. Coincidentally, they all belong to the same group of bankers who, for over a millennium and under various names and pretexts, desire to rule the world (scientifically extrapolating -- probably longer and deeper than what is known!).

Nature's bestseller was the Einstein's nonsense-theory called "General Relativity". In that fairiest world of imagination ever created, Time is a living being, "black holes" (not according to Einstein, though!) hide stuff where sun shines not (b-holes; get the joke?), while jetting elevators and never aging brothers spark imagination of small children. Faced with grave opposition by leading minds of the time, like Tesla or Jeffreys, the groupies had come up with a brilliant idea: sell the utter nonsense to the unsuspecting public directly, thus bypassing the most relevant minds for debate altogether! (Yes, we are seeing the same method used again to "handle" the Climate Warming scam). Times paper then joined in, and the legend was (to be) made. Dr. Drude, the editor who accepted Einstein's plagiarist paper, died under suspicious circumstances immediately after accepting it. Eddington, the astronomer who did the sloppiest job of proving a theory, allegedly "proved" the Einstein's theory in 1919, and was in return rewarded by the king who pardoned the astronomer for deserting in World War I (trading firing squad for world fame isn't such a bad deal after all). And the rest was meant to be history... Alas, a hundred years and billions of dollars later, it became obvious that Einstein was wrong for about 98%, as this is by how much the physical models based on his theory fail to predict the mass of the Universe. A trifle... It turns out that all the greatest minds who laughed at him then, had done it rightfully so. Instead of listening to those minds, our ancestors and teachers alike were made to believe the storytelling from Nature and Times!

When Climategate erupted last month, and literally knocked down the Copenhagen and all future gatherings of the sort, thin air traders Al Gore and Michael Mann became a heavy burden for Nature. Its pillars for the past decade, just like Einstein was for the past century, Gore and Mann have incidentally created the first circumstantial evidence in history, if by shear repetition, of a clear-cut conspiracy aimed at capping of our minds and keeping them so tightly shut for ever, and ever, and ever. So Nature seems to have promptly dumped the duo; they are nowhere to be seen: Gore confined to the blogosphere, and Mann down-downgraded to scripting editorials for bankrupt newspapers. After years of living in denial and refusing to believe in man-made climate change, I admit I finally succumbed to the overwhelming bastardism of the duo, of Nature, and of their global bankster wannabe-government, so from now on I do believe in -- Mann-made climate change.
But the mud that Nature is, was obvious for quite some time to those who wanted to see, i.e. who didn't need a scandal of the Climategate caliber. After killing a few papers from "the world's leading scientific journal", I was faced with a brutal reality that Nature might be a political agenda and nothing more. Soon after, I found out that its senior editor named Henry Gee was a full-time bigot, racist, and openly a Muslim hater (see screenshot). After reporting his racism to some trillionaire from Germany who actually owns Nature, Gee was disciplined by a warning, while his fascist blog was promptly deleted by the service provider. Dr. Gee however is still making crucial decisions at Nature, as according to editor-in-chief, "they have been buddies for ten years". Now, that's a sort of a criterion to bow to! But the gallery of characters of Mann and Gee type is resourceful indeed. While learning more and more about Nature, I came across a geophysics editor who, on a closer look, greenlights mostly papers written by his former Department's alumni. Now, that's another criterion to bow to, isn't it. Not to mention Nature's Web Site where dirty tricks are used to mute any real debate: by locking of comment fields when debate becomes to-the-point, by mocking of posts that touch on real debate issues, by deleting entire recent pages after caching them with false summary and then redirecting (a dead link, after they killed it!), etc. Not to mention their support for eugenics (quasi-scientific genocide) giving room to darkest ideology such as Institute that recommends "downsizing" of the world population, in such a detailed and sickening manner that makes Josef Mengele look like a novice (check out their Tables detailing each country's proposed "human cleansing": declaring for example that 3 out of 4 million Bosnians are "surplus", just like they claim 3-5 billion people overall are). Not to mention a military-linked reviewer of Nature, who wrote to me once that "everybody knows that most Nature papers are wrong, anyway"...

I could go on like this for days, but let's stop here. Climategate, Relativegate, Farmaceugate, this gate, that gate... Once a crook, always a crook. But one thing is sure: science in the near future, just like the world it tries to safeguard and eventually save, will look nothing like science of yesterday. No false flag of any sort, be it even nuclear, is able to subdue a people let alone the entire humankind. For truth is the utter peace of a rational mind, and all bodies tend to assume a resting position, according to what science has to say. My dear reader: real science -- fairy-tales and quadrillionaire-wannabes absent -- does exist, and it is well-intentioned towards the human. It's just that it has been hijacked centuries ago, muted and mutilated alike, yet it is all that more eagerly waiting to be liberated from the shackles of corrupt executive government and their bookies, who simply misuse evil and weaknesses within each one of us, as a weapon aimed at all of us.