Bosnia for Dummies, by Mensur Omerbashich PhD
Vatican's geostrategy turning Bosnia permanently into their "moat around the castle" to repel Russia & England away: the real reason behind Bosnia's "misfortune"

27 December, 2008

EU misled to believe in China

So EU is looking at China (Asia) for help in reforming the world financial system, I hear. EU has started with this wannabe-geostrategy of hers pretty slowly and shy, by first creeping into Beijing some seven years ago and trying ever since to build a geostrategic alliance with China

Whenever you find yourself completely overwhelmed by a situation the origins of which you cannot even begin to explain, chances are that you are looking at a grand conspiracy. Such was the case with "fall of Communism" in Russia, where out of 110 armies totaling 5 million soldiers (2nd largest on Earth!), not a single hard-line communist general marched on Moscow to capture Parliament or TV, so (not just any but the then-deadliest enemy) capitalism replaced communism. Give me a break! Such was the case of "communism turned capitalism" in China too...

Namely, what's been going on in China for the past decade or so isn't fundamentally different from what London had contemplated in fmr. Yugoslavia -- a social lab for inventing all sorts of idiotic concepts, ranging from genocides to worker-self-governance and back to genocides... Just like the Russian/French/German etc. "revolution" leaders were actually fakes installed by Jesuits, so were the Chinese fakes too.

The same method is used everywhere: a frustrated individual who would give anything to gain power is opened a huge gold-credit line by Rome to fulfill his dreams after his masonic predecessor "coincidentally overthrows" the preceding regime. In return, the credit monkey appoints a third individual, carefully picked by Vatican for his heavily disturbed psychology, as the successor of the rabbit-forerunner. Then follow "world" (continental Europe, primarily) wars, Gulags etc.

More is to come, as Putin appointed Medvedev after mason Yeltsin "overthrew" communism, just like Lenin appointed Stalin after masons Kerensky/Lvov "overthrew" monarchy, Hindenburg appointed Hitler after mason Ebert "overthrew" monarchy, Kai-Shek appointed Zedong after mason Yat-sen "overthrew" monarchy, Stambolić appointed Milošević after mason Tito "overthrew" monarchy, and so on... The method is seen so many times, yet it never failed!

So the Chinese excitement with their "sudden" prosperity, followed by national awakening, the Olympics (who said Sarajevo 1984) and even own "Space program", are all sure signs of an upcoming calamity to be brought upon the Chinese by their very leaders -- loyal to Rome only. What a retarded move on part of the EU leaders (most of whom belong to "freemasonry" and similar Jesuit freaks anyway), to actually declare high hopes in such China!? 'Speak geostrategicsish, anyone?