Bosnia for Dummies, by Mensur Omerbashich PhD
Vatican's geostrategy turning Bosnia permanently into their "moat around the castle" to repel Russia & England away: the real reason behind Bosnia's "misfortune"

14 May, 2008

Croatia's bridge on Vatican's orders

Construction is Freemasonry's favorite cover-up (another one is visiting local hospitals and posing as a group Santa). To that effect, they even stole the famous Egyptian pyramids story, and are selling it as their own brand. (Jesuits created Masonry only in 17th century, after suffering worst loss to the English ever; to pose as a Trojan horse in continental Europe, which then extended around the Globe.) In imposing their naughty little game, Jesuits don't care much about what it is that its Horse preaches, or how many histories it makes up (such as: imprinting pyramid images on bank notes, inventing faked hopes like US, UN, etc.). All they want is to impress us, by creating as much and as shiny as possible, in any area imaginable from economy to art to engineering to science, no matter the cost and no matter the value... Most importantly, they use their "obsession" with construction so as to advance their philosophy as that "of those who spread the light", as if students must be lied to about questions we cannot answer, as if buildings must be oversized and stretch ever extendedly and overshadow anything humans make and outshine everything within the surroundings including the nature herself. Because you see, Freemasonry believes that it is them, the chosen few, who are the light, who are the nature, who are the god... And the rest of us? Well, every pyramids story requires slaves, remember? Now you may ask -- why am I telling you all this on a blog about Bosnia?

A 1919 secret document by the Foreign Office proves UK is aware for a long time of the highest value a Bosnian harbor would have. Vatican is trying to prevent Bosnia's access to the International waters, and for this she hired services of her puppet -- the Croatia's government ran by HDZ.
See, the fake pyramids near Visoko aren't the only symbolism that Masonic creeps are trying to impose on Bosnia in order to demonstrate that Bosnia will never exit the seventh circle of hell Romans pushed it into some 2000 years ago. Thus, as their faked (Visoko) pyramids mass-hysteria as a diversion to the passing of faked Amendments to the faked Bosnia's faked Constitution have all failed in the B&H Parliament (in sweet April of 2006 -- the anniversary of the Bosnia's Grand Masonic Lodge resurrection), new construction was needed, new illusions were to be called for, and new morons were to be drafted into the ranks of fake light. Hence there came about the Pelješac Bridge story...
Now, that's not an ordinary bridge, mind you, for it's supposed to connect Croatia's coastline with Croatia's Pelješac peninsula. The official explanation is that, by building this bridge, Croatia connects Dubrovnik and Croatia's inlands via road, thus entirely abandoning the existing (single-)ferryboat line land-Pelješac. (The Bosnian coastline interrupts that of Croatia!) But there's something really odd about that: to build a bridge is the most expensive solution that the government of an overextended (credit-wise) Croatia has at its disposal! Other, far cheaper solutions include digging an undersea tunnel, or even cheaper yet -- purchasing more ferryboats... But No -- say Croatia's governments. Believe it or not: they're going to build this economic disaster of a bridge -- despite clear and loud opposition and clear and obvious maps by fmr. Yugoslavia Military Cartographic Institute showing the marine delineation [see image above]. And it won't be just any bridge. It will be built so as to impress, so as to overstretch, so as to overshadow and so as to outshine everything ever seen on both sides of the Adriatic Sea! Not less importantly, in doing so they are going to usurp not less that 1 km of Bosnia's territorial sea [see image above]. And that's where our story begins...
And where it ends, too. Namely, as it can be seen from the first, third and fourth image [Bosnia's territorial border shown pink; Top image: Croatia's territorial claim shown red if Bosnian islands of Great Školj and Little Školj (not shown) were to belong to Croatia], this "unexplainable" bridge is going to expel Bosnia from the marine nations club -- by simply crossing Bosnia's territorial waters for about 1 km. It is a well-established practice in international law to accept the right of exploitation, and all Croatia has to do in order to grab this little tiny piece of Adriatic Seacoast (to add to 98% it already claims -- without Yugoslavia succession delineation ever carried out!) is to build something... anything. The Pelješac bridge thus means: no access for Bosnia to the International waters, and no future for Bosnia's envisioned Neum-Klek harbor, so no bright days for a brave Illyrian nation that have been suffering for the past 2 millennia like no one else has ever suffered on this planet we call Earth. So as a new Constitution is being drafted (as we speak), a new diversion stage has been set up.