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01 January, 2011

Den of Thieves


What would you do if the US Government had stolen a multibillion idea from you, and protected it under its own name (FDA) in a record-breaking time, less than a year since you published that idea in your PhD thesis? Even worse: not only that they actually did it to you -- but their own patent office now admits it, black on white!

Well, that's exactly what happened to me. In fact, there is even more to the sickening story: they played dirty both before and afterwords. Thus the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), a US Government's own bureau,  dragged my patent application for nearly five years (their publicized statistical average is 18 months), "lost" my filings/amendments half a dozen times, provided wrong instructions at least four times, and so on.  Even prior to the theft, the final draft of my PhD thesis "got lost" in none other then -- the US mail, extending my oral defense for more than half a year. Two PhD committees had resigned also, while many other "nuisances" occurred along the way as well. Those included constant harassment by the Canadian & US police, the Canadian SWAT team breaking into my apartment at 4 am with dogs and automatic weapons, US immigration officers pulling guns at me and holding me captive at the US-Canada border while claiming that "on a tip from the Canadian authorities my US Driver's License contained false data", Canadian & US cops pulling me over and searching the vehicle and me more than a hundred times during the last two years of my PhD often at gunpoint with hands up and sometimes twice in a same day, as well as other forms of pressure to leave my studies such as doubling of my tuition in the middle of academic year because -- I got transferred from the Masters to PhD without oral defense (for excellence, what else)...  The situation about me has become so curious over that time, that the then director of Graduate Studies in Canada noticed I was some sort of a "trouble magnet".  Was I indeed... (And I didn't even mention sudden and life-threatening health issues so curious that any diagnosis was literally impossible except for possibly the deadly poisoning one).

It all continued well beyond my grad school too: when you send in application for 23 positions at NASA over several months period and get a response to none (under the US law they must notify all applicants on the outcome of every application), or when you submit your sole-authorship paper on a prime physical discovery (on mechanist tectonogenesis of the Earth) to 55 English-language journals and get all rejections -- half of which display ignorance and poor manners of referees and the other half contain no explanation at all -- whereas the first (and a prominent) French journal to which you submit the same paper referees it and publishes it virtually immediately as the lead article and features it on its cover page, when you publish another lead paper again as a sole author in an IOP journal in which you kill a nine-referees-approved Nature paper and then they sack that journal's editor while attacking you and your paper so that Nature can continue in its role as a holy cow of Elizabeth's geostrategy regardless, when... you don't really exist other than as a source of marvelous ideas in fundamental sciences (which their own best minds and the entire turgid "ivy league" are incapable of inventing on their own) for one global-terrorist society and a true Empire of Evil that imported you as it imports a piece of raw meet  for general consumption -- to process, use and dispose of accordingly.

In the late Fall of 2010, the USPTO has finally admitted that my PhD thesis's main idea is identical to what the US Government had patented soon after my oral exam.

Watch "The Social Network" -- there's a pivotal story in that movie, told by the character playing Sean Parker, on how the US buccaneers actually do it to young minds with "too great" ideas... All in all, it's a quite sophisticated system of terror perpetrated 24/7 against the best minds of an era.  Watch and dare shoot for them stars!

UPDATE 1/13/11:  Reply to USPTO Communication of 12/28/10 - To: USPTO, Washington DC 
Patent dispute & request to cancel the patent- To: USPTO, Washington DC 
Notice of patent dispute, and remedy request - To: Secretary K. Sebelius, DoHHS, Washington DC