Bosnia for Dummies, by H.M. The King of Bosnia Mensur Omerbashich PhD
Vatican's geostrategy turning Bosnia permanently into their "moat around the castle" to repel Russia & England away: the real reason behind Bosnia's "misfortune"

06 April, 2014

Big Bang downgraded to a bang in the first scientific proof of Multiverse, by Omerbashich (2006)

Theoretical physicist Dr. Mensur Omerbashich claims precedence in proving Multiverse, Scale Invariance (symmetry)

Boston-Sarajevo, 21.03.2014.  After the 17/18 March, 2014, release of the first claim of confirmation of the (Linde) cosmological theory aka Inflationary cosmology, HM King of Bosnia and All of Illyria (titular) Mensur Omerbashich (PhD theoretical geophysics, UNB Canada, 2003) has made the precedence claim for scientific confirmation of Multiverse - the core requirement of the Linde's theory. Namely, the Linde "Inflation" (Linde's theory of the origin of universes properly called as it has little to do with inflationary theory that never worked so that Guth has recanted it according to Linde in a Financial Times audio-interview) requires infinite vacuum-energy filling the space beyond our known universe, for any universe to come into being. Therefore, as Omerbashich proved, universes continue infinitely – a fundamentally different understanding of reality than previous viewpoints, which is commonly referred to as Multiverse.

Namely, Dr. Omerbashich was the first theorist who, while in Berkeley in 2005, proved Multiverse (of so-called Type I, as Scale Invariance doesn't allow for other Types) experimentally-theoretically from physical observations, by mathematically and multiphysically demonstrating the existence of infinitely many universes, or Multiverse for short (not to be confused for Parallel Worlds or Many Worlds imaginary concept from quantum physics): He did this by successfully expressing the Newtonian gravitational constant G, and thus gravity g too, via speed of light c. There, G and c were taken in their absolute forms (as proportions) since no one knows what physics applies in outer universes.  G was thus considered without units which Newton anyway appended to G only in order to close his own (our universe's) physics mathematically... (Here "only" is not meant out of disrespect for Newton, but to say that Multiverse was starting physical hypothesis).

The Multiverse concept was taken as the starting physical hypothesis by ad infinitum generalizing the Earth-Moon system’s non-temporal secondary (magnified mass-resonance) gravitational effects:  In his proof, Omerbashich used more than 10 billion 1Hz gravity measurements, spanning one decade, from (Canadian) superconducting gravimeter – the world's most accurate instrument used also for verifying G.

Omerbashich's expressing G via c on both quantum and mechanist scales (as Einstein hinted at in 1930s after stumbling upon a most remarkable relationship between values of gravity, g, and of velocity of light, c - but then forgot all about it) tells how quantum mechanics and gravity are unified. Furthermore, as Maxwell hinted in 1870: "[Maxwell's theory] denies action at a distance and attributes electric action to tensions and pressures in an all-pervading medium, these stresses being the same in kind with those familiar to engineers, and the medium being identical with that in which light is supposed to be propagated. [This theory and a theory of electricity by Riemann, Lorenz, and Neumann] are found to explain not only the phenomena by the aid of which they were originally constructed, but other phenomena which were not thought of or perhaps not known at the time; and both have independently arrived at the same numerical result, which gives the absolute velocity of light in terms of electrical quantities. That theories apparently so fundamentally opposed should have so large a field of truth common to both is a fact the philosophical importance of which we cannot fully appreciate till we have reached a scientific altitude from which the true relation between hypotheses so different can be seen.135 years later, Omerbashich has succeeded in deriving the absolute velocity of light - in terms of gravity in a mechanical oscillator, showing the underlying engineering concept (of mechanical oscillators) with which all forces of nature can be unified, as Einstein, Maxwell and others hoped for.

As a US citizen, Omerbashich had sent his proof for verification to David Wineland of NIST back in 2008, however Wineland submitted it to Nature three months later as his own, and received the 2012 Physics Nobel Prize for this "abridging of quantum and mechanist worlds"; alas without offering a theory for the solution that resolved the greatest mystery of quantum physics of all time (for which, oddly enough, he only shared the Prize). Omerbashich counterclaimed the Prize: British Nobel laureate for quantum physics Brian Josephson agreed in a debate with Omerbashich: "I accept that it is a remarkable coincidence". Prior to Wineland, who thus plagiarized the quantum part of the Omerbashich's discovery, the Italians Salvio and Strumia tried plagiarizing the theoretical part of Omerbashich discovery which proved Scale Invariance only one day prior to the "historic" BICEP announcement. This synchronization tells that the "package" was carefully planned as a master-theft of the Omerbashich's discovery in all of its fundamental aspects. This also because another Catholic, the Albanian Mersini, had similarly tried plagiarizing the cosmological part of the Omerbashich's discovery, by claiming another universe's gravitational tug on our known universe, although Omerbashich claimed this first and explicitly, in his fundamental discovery of 2006.

It is not a coincidence that only Catholics are the culprits. Namely, Multiverse contradicts the original Big Bang theory the way Roman-Catholic priest Lemaître envisioned it while most likely (being a priest with a science degree, rather than a science evangelist as some kindly portray him) basing it on Genesis trying to make Big Bang the final word of cosmology, and our known universe all that there is. The Omerbashich proof of Hyperverse of infinitely many mutually orbiting-oscillating multiverses (Hyperverse) is the first scientific evidence that Genesis, as the Roman-Catholic Church’s main doctrine, is wrong. The Omerbashich discovery can be summarized in form of a most basic function: g = f (c).  The Omerbashich proof is a part of his cosmological Hyperresonance Unifying Theory (HUT) that has seen more than ten confirmations and strongly supporting indications over the past two years since first published. Some of those, such as the European Space Agency’s Planck Mission, could independently corroborate the Omerbashich proof.  While it demonstrated the existence of infinitely many universes both mathematically and multi-physically (from Earth's own most accurate gravity measurements; without any universe's physical units), HUT also confirmed the string theory’s paradigm on oscillatory rather than particlegenic reality.

In addition, HUT made the first proof of Albert Einstein's famous view on quantum physics ("-God plays no dice"), which showed that quantum physics is locally real i.e. objectocentric. It is primarily a byproduct of secondary - here resonant - effects of tides in the Earth-Moon system that naturally tends to impose its own resonant properties as common to all particles within the system. Quantum physics will thus obey different but still seemingly (or even similarly) stochastic rules in another system of oscillatory-orbitally interacting heavenly bodies. This basically shows there is nothing strange about alleged strangeness in quantum physics realm.  Soon after the news of BICEP2 result broke out, certain interest groups opposed to the Roman-Catholic Church's manipulations started questioning BICEP2 by claiming cosmic dust was the reason for this earliest deciphered uniformity. This has become the prevalent view in the science community, so the Church is trying to manipulate the Planck Mission's data in order to falsely match them to/prove the BICEP2 results. BICEP2 however is a forgery from the outset.  Mathematical equations, namely the Omerbashich equations cannot be argued about, or, in the words of Einstein: "A mathematical equation stands forever".

Omerbashich's proofs (here and here) of Scale Invariance can mean Type I Multiverse only, not Type II as Omerbashich misled the Church to believe. He thus made them attempt at quantum- and similarly fairytale-like approaches to creating Genesis v.2.0, of course unsuccessfully. Led by their desire to update their Genesis at any cost, they then also attempted to create the forgeries of Omerbashich's discovery, as listed above. This, seemingly slight variation which Omerbashich had introduced in his results, has largely enabled him to expose the Church for what it is: a thief of his intellectual property.

Multiverse has been proven experimentally first by Dr. Mensur Omerbashich in Berkeley in 2005 and then 2012, from 10+ billion gravity measurements taken by the (Canadian) superconducting gravimeter as the Earth’s most accurate instrument used for studying G, as well as mathematically (by expressing G via c on quantum and mechanist scales, as first hinted by Einstein in 1930s), and multi-physically (w/o units of any universe):

The Bosnian Royal Family
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Academic version of the claim is published in:
Journal of the European Royal Society 3(1):3-4 (2014)
(Open Access)

H.M. Omerbashich's profile (in English).
The Bosnian Royal Family was created in A.D. 1141, and it is the sole royal family of Bosnia.

Source: The Bosnian Royal Family Press Room

19 October, 2013

Salisbury's secret cycle

The two historical moments that defined today's Bosnia were the occupation by Ottoman Turkey in 1463, and handing Bosnia over to Austria-Hungary in 1878. The latter undoubtedly defined Bosnia's destiny for centuries to come, which culminated in the heavy crisis she's going through as we speak. The current crisis is the consequence of unresolved questions from the 1878 Congress of Berlin. ("...the Congress failed to consider adequately the aspirations of the Balkan peoples and, thereby, laid the foundation for future crises in the Balkans", Britannica, 1999). But how did the change of occupation happen in the first place, and why? Moreover, how do entire countries (European at that!) simply "change hands", and how is this done over night? Of course, one correct answer is: via treason. Another correct answer is related to that: via shameful betrayal of the national interests by domestic aristocracy and intellectuals whose personal gains (financial; career) became their only concern. The third correct answer is (why I'm not surprised) - Britain and Vatican. Namely, the chief engineer of the monstrous project of replacing one occupationist in Bosnia with another was a British lord (why I'm not surprised, again) Robert Salisbury (1830-1903) [pictured right]. The details from his biography that are relevant for the Bosnia case are that he lost his mom at age 10, that he had such an unfortunate childhood that even his biographers couldn't avoid mentioning it, and that he was bullied big time all the way through his schooling. What a profile of a grow-up-to-become-a-Hitler!
Cartoon that appeared in European newspapers of 1878: German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, as they play gods discussing the Turkey-Austria switch on Bosnia: "I fancy our friend the Turk don't half like it?" Disraeli, a proud racist, replies: "Ha! That's another "Party" that will have to be "EDUCATED" "
The unresolved issues from the 1877 Russo-Turkish war had made a new war inevitable just one year later - this time between Russia and England (the Turkey's geostrategic "partner of a thousand years", together with being a partner of the Vatican since that freak pope named Borgia). Britain apparently got scared, so British foreign minister Salisbury came up with the following genocidal plan. Since Turkey was getting weak as it was feudal and stretched on three continents, Bosnia was becoming a burden. At the same time, another British geostrategic partner of a thousand years, the industrial but smaller Austria (Austria-Hungary) had become desperate for resources and territory. But most importantly, Russia sought to expend into Bosnia, thus acquiring exit to the strategic mid-Adriatic waters... So, what did Salisbury do? He replaced the Ottoman occupation for the Austrian occupation! How to do it legally? Ask the pope as the de joure sovereign of Bosnia based on forged last will by last queen (consort!) of Bosnia, one Catherine who "left Bosnia to the popes" - in popes' dreams of course. (The popes will rent out any part of Illyria for a small fee to just about anyone, as they do since Rome conquered Illyria in 9AD!)
For this, he undertook secret diplomacy, and a cover-up "1878 Congress of Berlin" was set up within a week. In it, Austria pretended she was worried about the destiny of Bosnian Christians, and asked if she could occupy Bosnia. As expected, most European states sympathized. So in a single move Turkey has freed 100,000 soldiers and moved them from Bosnia to the Russian front, while Austria became enormously rich at the expense of her new colony Bosnia (minerals; 1st class forest). Austria's gains from Bosnia are estimated at over $100 billion worth today. Pope got his percentage of blood money too.
Russia soon realized that the situation had changed, and the war preparations against England were called off. Bosnians took Islam after the English ally Turkey occupied Bosnia in 1527, as there were no Slavs in Bosnia at the time. In order to make the handover appear unsuspicious to Bosnians, the secret diplomacy culminated with a staged armed resistance that took several thousand Bosnian lives. For his genocidal plan, queen Victoria bestowed upon Salisbury the Order of the Garter, the highest decoration she could give. Conservative party was delighted with this man's cruelty , so they elected him the party president, in 1885. He served as British Prime Minister in three terms over 13 years, during which time he maniacally held on to the foreign minister post as well.
In his mandate as a PM/foreign minister, Salisbury's psychotic profile of a bullied kid simply exploded, and he personally redrew borders of most of the states in Africa, split up the entire Arabia into dozens of funny-shaped countries (drawing borders to match the oil reserves i.e. the oil companies' interests), reinstated cruelty in the British army - India in particular, occupied Cyprus and South Africa, and the list goes on... For his cold-blooded dictatorship and cruelty he was dubbed the "PM with Imperial Ambitions", and "English Napoleon". That it was the case of madness can be seen from the way he raised his children too: his son lord Robert Cranborne (1893-1972) designed the apartheid regime of South African Republic. The other son, lord Edward Gascoyne-Cecil (1867-1917) was a colonial administrator of Egypt, known for cruelty and smuggling. The third son, lord Robert Cecil (1864-1958), has founded in 1919 the "League of Nations" - the predecessor of the "United Nations"... Like father like sons, and these grabbing maniacs took a big bite of the cake themselves, so the Salisbury estate today is estimated at around $ 1 billion... Demonstrably, the world as we know it is a creation of a single "dynasty" of money-grabbing lunatics that originated from one bullied kid! (And by dynasty I don't mean just the Salisbury's, since the creation of the two key geostrategic points - the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal - was commissioned before and after Salisbury's terms, respectively, so the British collective never depends on any single person or family - it rather uses many individuals' relentnessness - relentlessly).
In his last interview, that appeared in Sunday Times of March 1980, Josip Broz "Tito" opened his heart and admitted that Yugoslavia was a mere creation set up for Britain's interests. This explains the illogical moves uncharacteristic of a communist leader, which Tito has taken during his lifelong reign, such as: why he never named his successor, why he (shortly before his death) prepared the country for dissolution by imposing a new Constitution of 1974 that invented federal units ready-made to become independent, and so on. In his death-bad interview, Tito thus recalled his meeting of 1944 with Winston Churchill in Naples (Napoli), Italy [pictured on the right]. They had agreed Tito would have Yugoslavia the way he wanted, in return for acting as a deterrent or a shield against the Soviet Union (but already in September, Tito met with Stalin in Moscow so the whole thing was a performance culminating in the Tito's 1948 staged "No!" to Stalin). The 1943 Teheran Conference took place, leveling the ground for this agreement. But in the same week the Teheran Conference was held, the 2nd Session of the so-called AVNOJ (communist supreme body) took place too, pretending to mean an act of independence by Tito's partisans. So even the Tito's famous "No!" to Stalin, of 1948, was just a materialization of the secret deal reached a few years earlier between Tito and the Brits...
When he realized how successful he was in the western "Balkans" (another Anglo-Vatican sophism for Illyria proper), Salisbury made his idea a permanent one: whenever Russia gets strong - homogenize the Balkans, and whenever Russia gets weak - dissolve the Balkans. Make sure it's all done in secrecy and with bloodshed using unprecedented savagery. In order to see her plan always executed and then brought to the desired outcome, Britain and the Vatican sponsored the creation of both the Chetniks (Serbian fascists) and the Ustashe (Croatian fascists), respectively. As a result, two Yugoslavias were created and dissolved so far in blood. The first, of 1918, in response to the October Revolution of 1917 (that Britain financed through Rothschild family's gold credits to Lenin), resulting in the creation of Soviet Union (SU). The first Yugoslavia then dissolved in blood as Russia (SU) became weak under Hitler's attacks. (Hitler too was on Rothschilds' credit-stub, which explains why he allowed Chetniks' and Ustashes' presence in Bosnia despite the Nazi propaganda from the 1920-ies claiming racial non-Slavic purity of Bosnian Illyrians (that Nazis saw as of German kin). Second Yugoslavia was then resurrected in 1944, in response to the 1943 victory of the Red Army over Nazi Germany, enabling Russia (SU) to become stronger than ever. This second Yugoslavia was also dissolved in blood, in 1991, after the SU got dissolved in 1989 making Russia weakest since 1941... Now we're seeing Putin's Russia getting strong again, and London and Bosnia's fake landlord the Vatican are at it again - creating a third Yugoslavia, under the Karajorjevich dynasty under Elizabeth's godson self-styled prince (his father abdicated to Tito so they're not a royal family any more), dubbed Alexander the Pig by Serbian people.
By instating such a cyclic havoc upon the western Balkans, Jesuits and Britain each re-attain a large maneuvering space in the geopolitical arena with every new cycle of violence erupting. Although many developed nations with good intelligence services know very well what's going on, most nations are actually unaware it's Britain and the Vatican that set the fire in the first place. Namely, Britain and Rome use such times of crises to reinforce their image in the world as superior powers able to solve even the gravest atrocities of the mankind. Each Sunday mass pope prays for the victims. And so on. Their strategists, like the Salisbury clan, are then called upon in many other areas of the world too, and asked for help and advice (the lord seems to be the Britain's best export produce). Imagine how easy it gets for them to impose her own interests/will worldwide by selling her own interests as - yours. It's a simple game really, no big science involved; in fact, it's made such a shallow game on purpose, precisely so that no one sane would ever believe it to be real. It's also a game that enables Britain to keep Slavic races at bay (see article of 17 September), though this isn't the primary concern of Britain's any longer as she's been a secret geostrategic ally of Russia's without interruption since 1917 at least. This is evident in Bosnia's case too, from the fact that Tito himself had prepared the field for second Yugoslavia to collapse, but also from the recent events - because the so-called animosity between Russia and Britain today is clearly faked since Britain has supported Serbia in 1992 too, i.e., when Russia was extremely weak. Therefore, it cannot be that Britain is now afraid of Serbia when Russia is strong again, either. Then the real reason behind the current crisis isn't the Bosnia-for-Kosovo trade, but the other way around: Kosovo-for-Bosnia, as Britain is trying to move the Orthodox frontier westward from the Drina River for the first time since the fall of the Roman Empire. The reasons why Britain is doing this (for which it has committed genocide provably twice at least) is to create a tighter partnership with Russia for the upcoming actions against China, but also to harm the geostrategic position of her other (beside China) official foe - the Vatican - by letting the Orthodox Church into the Vatican's "back yard". Lastly, there is an old goal of both the Vatican and England's as well: curb out the potentially only sovereign non-Christian tribe of all Europe - the Illyrians!
As you can imagine, given what I showed earlier (on your ignorance being as useful to your enemy as your knowledge is to you), the above story was never told by any history textbook in fmr. Yugoslavia. (And they say conspiracies don't exist - obviously, the only possible conspiracy theory is the one which says that all conspiracies must be - theories!) Also, British history today largely ignores Mr. Salisbury, just like it tries to ignore the game of geostrategy, which is why the Encyclopedia Britannica, despite its century-old tradition, year after year "forgets" to mention GEOSTRATEGY. This happens because Britain benefited from Salisbury's criminal mind and global piracy more than she has ever benefited from anyone or anything else in her entire history - which, by the way, is a history of the world's biggest parasite (geoparasite) that's been selling mirrors and shiny beads to mankind for over one and a half millennium now...
Who would have thought that we (the world) are actually still biting on the same bait over and over again - and from the same bullied morons with top-hats. It's Salisbury's grand grand son lord Wakeham, who in 1992 became Elizabeth's Lord Privy Seal (imperial geostrategist), and came to Sarajevo that same year to set the chess pieces in their position, making sure the blood games could begin...

15 July, 2013

Missiles, not airplanes hit the Towers on 9/11

YouTube has problem with this video, I hear. They do not allow it on their servers! [UPDATE 16.12.2010: After many have complained, they do now. Oops, they removed it again, so go here instead. No, it is not pornography of any type... It is the most staggering piece of evidence yet that the 9/11 was just a (CGI-computer animated graphics) fairytale. What really hit the Towers were air-to-land missiles, the image and trajectory trace of which were digitally re-mastered to look like airliners in the footage broadcast by five national news corporations simultaneously (with an obvious 17-seconds delay). The broadcast was actually controlled from a single (command) center, while military communication was intercepted by early news reports on that morning... No digital equipment was operational on that morning in the Manhattan area (military electronic spoofing) so no amateur digital images exist, while NYPD officers spent that whole day confiscating rolls of film that people turned in to local photographer stores for developing, under the excuse of "protecting memories of families of the victims". Yeah, right: too carrying a police force, a little too soon...

 Proof that 9/11 was a missile op: in a hurry to release CGI version of missiles with attached long “wings” so to mimic a passenger jet, the operator didn’t have enough time to finish painting wing-extensions in all the frames so one “airplane wing” vanishes before the hit, and only the short (missile's) wing for flight-correction remains visible. Note the blue skies in the background, meaning no real wing has “vanished” behind the dense black-and-gray smoke curtain either.  Wait for the GIF to load, or watch it here or in the original video (at 0:53 minutes). For mirror-post, go here.

Literally all of the so-called amateur video-footage of the "planes" smashing (cartoon-like slicing) into the buildings was "taped" by actual professionals in CGI -- the list of names and their professions is staggering! No eyewitness has ever reported of an airplane, while instead many (suppressed in media reports) did report of missiles, including a news veteran with war experience from Iraq and Afghanistan. The only dozen-or-so "eyewitnesses" who claimed they saw airplanes hitting the buildings were (wow!) top executives of those five national news corporations! That list of names and professions is as staggering... But if you thought this was not enough to prove the mother of all conspiracies: people from the allegedly hijacked airplanes never meant to take those flights (at least one of which never existed as a regular flight), nor has anyone showed up at the destination (LA) airport that day to expectedly ask about their love ones -- no relatives, no friends, no one... Indeed, as we now know with certainty, a missile struck the Pentagon on that day, so the whole operation including NY and PA logically was accomplished in the same manner -- using missiles... Then in order to bring the Towers down (missiles won't do it, obviously), it seems they used a military-grade Tesla mechanical oscillator, combined with highly destructive explosives. What a documentary! No wonder it's heavily censored.

11 July, 2013

Exact Proof Jesuits Kill US Presidents And Other Famous People Such As Women Church Deems "Witches", And How They Stage Terror Attacks, Wars, Genocides, Quakes...

& Other Famous People Such as Women Church Deems "Witches" (princess Diana, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Rosa Luxemburg, Whitney Houston...while tormenting others like Yulia Tymoshenko.

 APRIL - JULY 2013


The military order of the Roman-Catholic Church, the Jesuits, follow a most bizarre "occult numerology", which you can find more about in available literature. Basically, they imagine that numbers 3, 7, 9, 11 somehow have some "special powers". As they intrude into every pore of a society, they leave their trace. Thus when you want to file for bankruptcy in the US for instance, the last 3 Chapters in US Code that are written for this purpose are: 7, 9, 11. Examples are numerous indeed, as they follow the same model of sheer madness, for planting terror attacks, starting wars, assassinating successful women ("witches"), democratically elected leaders and monarchs alike, organizing full-scale genocides, causing catastrophic earthquakes, jump-starting volcanoes... For you see, to them, life and death are the same thing.

Not only do they inflict misery upon individuals and entire nations, they also keep the entire mankind in the darkness of ignorance via major media under their control, mega-banks they operate, and even science outlets they edit at will so as to instate what seem like scientific dogmas. For instance, "father of seismology" was a Jesuit tasked with misleading the world to the point of inconclusiveness -- so that "Hell below earth might also exist". Similarly, another Jesuit created the "Big Bang" theory (and thus cosmology itself), which isn't a scientific theory at all as it never relied on any data -- a giveaway of an amateur who lost his way into sciences. By doing so, they steered cosmology away to the point of inconclusiveness too so that "Heaven above might also exist".  They rely heavily on their media like CNN which is headquartered in Atlanta GA, while their think-tank is Georgetown University in Washington DC. They operate by infiltration so pretty much every Catholic minister in a Government acts as an agent of the Vatican instead of the nation that he/she lives in. In news agencies and major "public" media they place devoted editors. For example, their own chief editors have thus christened a hypothetical Higgs's particle into the "God's particle" -- though physicists hate this term (as they should -- as it's another giveaway of an amateur who lost his way into sciences)...

Everyone with minimum knowledge in math or statistics can tell right away that there can be no coincidence in what's revealed below. Narrowly defined groups of individuals or events cannot exhibit preferential numerology naturally: when randomly filled, same-type samples should exhibit both 1/2/4/6/8 and 3/7/9/11 numerology roughly equally (50:50), but they should not lean towards either even or odd sums, and especially not all the time. By extension, various samples (of different types) that concern always the same political interest (that of the Vatican) should not be biased in the above described manner either.



Here I reveal the "secret of all secrets" -- the most exclusive proof of how Jesuits control our lives and steer history so to maintain Vatican and that funny clown they call pope in charge like the Wizard of Oz in the satirical novel of the same name (arguably the best satire about the pope and his circus since de Cervantes). First of all, let's have a look at how they actually kill the US Presidents: whenever sincere US patriots want to have their nation's foreign policy different from Vatican's interests, Jesuits use their quisling position to push for a presidential candidate who fits the above-mentioned weird "occult numerology" (3/7/9/11) 1-on-1, i.e. one who was born on an "occult" date. (This of course doesn't take away from legitimacy of any particular president, since obviously no US president has ever won the election -- they are all picked, either so to fit the "occult" numerology, or not to fit it.) He then dies "suddenly" while in office. The formula: whenever 3 of #President's: b-date, inauguration date, age, or presidency ordering No. are "occult" (i.e. whose figures sum to 3/7/9/11), they kill him -- also on an "occult date"... Of course, high ranked Jesuits take care of setting the inauguration date to fall on an "occult date", and then they wait for a year in which the target is of "occult" age.

Thus Jesuits killed Abraham Lincoln for his abolishing of slavery. This is actually a court-proven fact, which was also being taught in US schools for decades after his assassination, and then mysteriously expelled from the textbooks. The technique of killing was as follows: he was the 16-th (sum 7) President, and when he reached age 56 (sum 11), they shot him on 4/14/1865 (sum 11). He died on 4/15/1865 (sum 3), at exactly 7:22h (sum 11), so obviously the doctor who pronounced him dead was in on the conspiracy as well.

Vatican has thus murdered all other Presidents that died in office too, not only those that were assassinated before public eyes. This is easily proven as they all do fit the above weird numerology so they must have been shot, stabbed, poisoned or strangled, and that's beyond any doubt. So were murdered: W. Harrison, Taylor (already claimed by many to have been murdered by Jesuits), Garfield, McKinley, Harding (also widely speculated to have been murdered), Kennedy. Note that Carter was only one who fit the formula but didn't die -- however it is a known fact that he did survive a 5/5/1979 (sum 9) foiled plot by a group of -- Catholic fanatics. Finally, FDR was the only US President who didn't fit the formula, but has died in office -- of long illness though (his health was so fragile no one expected him to survive his second term). President Obama is destined to fit the formula past 4 Aug this year (his b-day), when he will be 52 (sum 7). Coincidentally, his b-date ads to 11, and his oath date was set such that its figures too add up to an "occult" number (9). Obviously, they intend to slay Obama as a scapegoat -- same as they sacrificed ambassador Stevens to mark 11-th anniversary of their attacks on New York (world-central celebration was taking place in Sarajevo ("black-magic Mecca") as Stevens was being slaughtered).

As mentioned above, the fact that Obama was picked based on his "occult" b-day etc. instead of having been elected in a fair play doesn't take away from his legitimacy as the President of the United States relative to any other president. For obviously no president has ever won the election in a fair play -- as they all just get picked either because they do fit, or because they don't fit the weird numerology -- depending upon the current geostrategic needs of the Vatican in a specific era...

Of course, the "magic" part in the above formula is used only to convince the folk who are supposed to carry out the murders into believing there is something "more than the life itself" in assassinating their own president. To make it easier still, Jesuits previously use their media to portray the target as "Satan" himself, thus justifying the murder to the most suspicious of their believers. (For if they simply told them "Hey listen, some guy down at the Vatican wants your president dead" -- no one would probably fall for it.) It's geostrategy of course -- same as France and Germany got their "revolutions" after kicking Jesuits, these Catholic terrorists without any doubt have now set their cross-hairs on Obama. It's all laugh to Jesuits -- a mere revenge to America for Lincoln's abolishing of slavery... And the Jesuits' History channel has already made it "clear" that Obama IS Satan no less... In addition to prepping us for "comeback of ancient aliens", "Jesus resurrecting as we speak", "alien underwater cities" and other BS they are so skillful.

The end-goal of their grand conspiracy to murder US presidents is to "get even with the Yankee" by starting a new civil war in the USA, where Jesuits like the sinister Alex Jones & the sneaky Pierce Morgan play "two sides" so to electrify the nation... CNN is Jesuits' most useful tool for cooking up new wars and seeding evil globally. For instance, all major anchors at CNN are devote Roman Catholic, such as the infamous war-whore Amanpour... While they use women like her to advance their cause, other famous women who are successful but against Vatican geostrategy of global dominance, get portrayed to the flock as "witches" -- and then executed accordingly and mercilessly, often more brutally than even the medieval burning at the stake...

But Vatican doesn't just kill US presidents in the above described manner. Their weirdo numerology is also used for eliminating Roman oligarchy's geostrategic obstacles including world's democratically elected leaders, monarchs, successful women (marked as "witches" so that criteria for murdering them can be somewhat lowered) and others too especially successful "niggers" for whom the criteria to kill are the lowest. The Vatican also stages terror attacks, starts wars and makes sure that largest atrocities in those wars also occur on "occult" dates, at "occult" time and latitude/longitude, and so on...

For example, Vatican picked Kim Jong-un as the leader of Korea so to start WW3: he is Kim Jong-il's only (and 3rd!) son born on "occult" b-date: 08/01/1983 (sum 3). He then got set up to take over the N.Korea's ruling party on 11/4/2012 (sum 11). Jong-un is presently 30 years old (sum 3) too so Vatican obviously (given the Arab Spring and other ongoing turmoil of mega-global caliber) had planned for WWIII by his birthday next January. Other examples of setting the stage for WWIII (since decade ago), include the current rulers of Turkey. Thus Vatican picked also Recep Tayyip Erdogan to be the 25th (sum 7) Prime Minister, as he too was born on "occult" 26/2/1954 (sum 11). Just like with Kim Jong-un, Erdogan too was also set up to become the leader of his own party on another "occult" date - 14/8/2001 (sum 7). At the same time, Abdullah Gul the current (and 11th!) president of Turkey was also set up to begin his term on 28/8/2007 (sum 9), and, as you might guess by now, was also occult-born: on 29/10/1950 (sum 9)! Obviously, the Vatican is restoring their puppet Ottoman Empire as we speak -- simply, nobody would go to such an extent designing the pieces of evil puzzle by carefully crafting and then framing "leaders" -- decades ahead, unless been dead-serious about it! The Turkey and Korea together, and planned assassination of Obama, prove beyond doubt that WWIII has been planned for within a year.

Serbia has been set up in the same way: Slobodan Milošević was picked by the Vatican as a scapegoat: born 20/8/1941 (sum 7), the 3rd president of Serbia, and who was set up to take last office on 23/7/1997 (sum 11). But Serbia's incumbent president Tomislav Nikolić too is marked by "occult" numerology: born 15/2/1952 (sum 9), is 61 years old (sum 7), so they could be plotting his assassination (on an "occult" date of course) in order to bring the Karadjordjevic dynasty in power (their crown has already been tacitly placed on the flag and emblem of the REPUBLIC of Serbia, and they moved back to the old palace although their last king Peter II abdicated in writing!). This isn't a stretch because Karajorjevichs were brought to power by murders the last time also: killing Serbia's true patriots (after they declared neutrality) -- King and Queen Obrenović (first made hated by people via Vatican-paid media), in 1903. This is even more plausible knowing that Nikolić's party leader, and Serbia's Vice-Prime Minister, the media-overexposed Aleksandar Vučić, was also: born 5/3/1970 (sum 3), took office 27/7/2012 (sum 3) and is 43 years of age (sum 7)... How does Vatican achieve all of the fixing with dates? Simple: via Freemasonry, which was devised by the Jesuits so to get rid of the disobedient monarchs, but later on "expanded business" so to target non-Catholic fools picked to be "democratically elected" leaders -- scapegoats for Rome's oligarchy nonetheless.


But the blood-wheel doesn't stop there. Look at how Vatican killed all the most famous, influential women of the world that you can think of. (It's such a characteristic statistical sample -- like no other -- that it can't be a coincidence). They use a similar formula as for murdering US presidents, but here threshold is somewhat lowered compared to male targets -- just as in Mid Ages when in order to kill a "witch" it was enough that someone accuses the suspected woman. Then the Inquisition dips the poor woman into a river, and if she resurfaces it "meant" she was a witch (so they take her out and burn her at the stake instead), and if she drowns -- oh well, she was an angel so they pay respect to her in form of a - decent funeral... The idea being -- the accused woman must die anyway, as her actions or very existence stood in the way of Vatican's geopolitics. So the "criteria" to kill a woman nowadays is that she: was born on an "occult" date, and is of an "occult" age. That's it! They can then proceed on to kill her "legally", but of course, they must do it on an "occult" date also! Otherwise Satan might get angry. (Or some similar crap, who would memorize all the idiocy they believe in).

Jesuits thus killed Rosa Luxemburg -- the then-biggest obstacle to creation of Vatican's Nazi Germany: she was born on 3/5/1871 (sum 7), bombed (shredded to oblivion) on 1/15/1919 (sum 9), at age 47 (sum 11). They killed Indira Gandhi who was born on 11/19/1917 (sum 3), gunned down (also to oblivion) on 10/31/1984 (sum 9), at age 66 (sum 3), after which Vatican-ran media accused Brits, trying to shake their main target -- Margaret Thatcher off power. Vatican regarded Thatcher as archenemy, you can see that by the way Catholics savagely celebrated her death in public. Still, Vatican never had guts to have Maggie assassinated, since she was, luckily enough, born on a non-occult date -- so that nerd Cardinals couldn't find a fanatic to kill her for them, save for one known case of a hotel bombing where she was staying. Vatican continues with killings, so they murdered Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto -- as the biggest obstacle to comeback of Vatican's (Bush's) player dictator Musharraf; Bhutto was born on 6/21/1953 (sum 9), shot dead on 12/27/2007 (sum 3), at age 54 (sum 9)...

They don't stop at direct political targets. They even killed the angelic princess Diana, whose "misfortune" was in having been born on 7/1/1961 (sum 7), so Jesuits in France staged her car accident on 8/31/1997 (sum 11), at age 36 (sum 9). Political gain from this crime? Vatican-ran media then cold-bloodily accused Queen Elisabeth II of murdering her own daughter-in-law (and mother of Queen's grandson and future king), thus almost ending the British monarchy and empire with single stroke -- pretty brilliant strategy (if you are an avid chess player that is)... Researchers have identified at least one other high-profile murder done by the same means as Diana's -- using so-called Boston Brakes, a microchip that Jesuit factions within CIA/MI6 (controlled by the Vatican whenever they put their peon on the top) developed in 1980-ies and which is placed on the vehicle's computer enabling the agents to take over the vehicle (control it) remotely. They used it first in Boston, hence the name. Notably, they used it also to try assassinate Sir Peter Horsley, Equerry to Queen Elizabeth II and prince Charles.

Here is that research which revealed both Diana and a popular Austrian politician Jörg Haider were murdered in the same way (no braking traces, both super-modern vehicles, both "slammed into a concrete block" according to the police reports). Haider was about to become Austria's PM, his "guilt" being that he was born on a "short occult" (day/month) date 1/26 (sum 9), so he also -- died on one such date 10/11 (sum 3), after having started his last office on one such date as well: 4/8 (sum 3). Why "short"? If someone isn't enough of a "which" i.e. born on a truly occult (day/month/year) date, the Inquisition traditionally has to find additional excuses they call "proofs of witchcraft" such as adultery, mother being also a "proven witch" (it would do it if mother too was born on an "occult" date; look below for Yulia Tymoshenko), etc. -- and it was widely alleged that Haider had a male lover in addition to being happily married to a woman. Of course, the real reason why they killed him was because he was tremendously popular, and Vatican won't allow those they can't control to be successful.

They also kill successful "niggers" (Obama's not the only one, mind you!), so Whitney Houston was the next target -- having been a godly adored "nigger" -- and thus a biggest obstacle to Vatican's racial dominance (remember: they killed Lincoln over his abolishing of slavery! Good ol' Romans, eh?). Poor Whitney was also "unfortunate" enough to have been born on 8/9/1963 (sum 9), so they pumped her up with drugs on 2/11/2012 (sum 9), at age 48 (sum 3)... A fresh example of Jesuits "burning a witch" was also their assassinating of a great Russian intellectual Anna Politkovskaya -- the biggest obstacle to Vatican's player Putin. Sad for her as she too happened to have been born on an occult date that made her "obviously a witch": 8/30/1958 (sum 7), so their albino killer (can't help but recall Angels & Demons) shot her in cold blood in an elevator, on 10/7/2006 (sum 7), at age 48 (sum 3), etc. Note here that you don't have to be their player intentionally -- they simply move you around the geostrategic chessboard as chess pieces are moved. There is however overwhelming evidence that Putin, the never-lustrated KGB officer, is too the Vatican's peon: for instance, Orthodox nations that joined the EU -- Romania and Bulgaria -- were literally "pushed in" by Russia during Putin's previous term as President, though they never met the basic requirements for EU membership (they still don't and chances are they never will!). However, they are more than a welcome addition as cannon-meat to fascist NATO in the next world war, when conscription will be declared and it's always better, thinks the Vatican, if relatively least Catholics die. Putin is now doing the same trick with Serbia...

There is still time to save a "witch" you all heard about, and who is still alive at the time I reveal these secrets: Yulia Tymoshenko -- one truly remarkable lady that Jesuits intend to kill by November this year (her birth-month). Namely, just as with all other awesome women I listed in the above, whose activity and spirits/energy jeopardized sinister enslavement geostrategy of the Vatican's, Ms. Tymoshenko too was accidentally born on an "occult" date: 11/27/1960 (sum 3), currently is 52 (sum 7) years of age, and had become (had been set up to become) Ukraine Prime Minister -- on 12/18/2007 (sum 3)! To make her case even worse before the Benedict's Inquisition (which he is the official head of -- just google it!), the Wikipedia page on Tymoshenko gives us incredibly bizarre information such as her mother's (Lyudmila Telegina) b-day: 8/11/1937 (sum 3), who is thus 75 (sum 3); but also b-days of Tymoshenko's father, husband, daughter... This of course is extremely unusual for any encyclopedia including the infamous Wikipedia notorious for being a den of intelligence services and their rituals. This way of "exposing" witches in a family resembles the Inquisition's ways of demonstrating witchcraft in a bloodline. It is probably the explanation as to why Jesuits from legal profession torment this woman so much and for so long -- that is nothing short of medieval methods indeed! At any rate, the jurist maniacs seem to be having fun while being veiled behind the "independence" curtain. Given the extent of pedo scandals within the sect usually referred to as Roman-Catholic Church, this tormenting of virtually all great women of an era that ended up assassinated, seems to be giving enormous pleasure to prosecutors, judges and other jurist scum, thus also most certainly having some sort of debilitating sexual perversion side to it.


(Click here to see how Jesuits broke teeth on two unarmed youngsters)

Notably, they have similar formula for organizing terrorist plots worldwide. As it turns out, they love cities that start on letter "B" -- in observance of their "god of evil Baphomet". They thus make human sacrifice in so named cities in order to "have their god feast on pure souls". To do that, they cause terror at occult Latitudes and on occult dates. So they organized terror attacks at: Boston 42-21N (sum 9) on 4/15/2013 (sum 7) which was in observance of the Jesuit antipope's crowning (occult number of days since); Bugojno (Bosnia police station bombing) 44-03N (sum 11) on 6/27/2010 (sum 9); then the foiled plot to deploy a "dirty (nuclear) bomb" in Berlin 13-23E (sum 9) on 6/26/2011 (sum 9); then a foiled plot to kill 27 (sum 9) EU leaders in Brussels 50-51N (sum 11) on 12/12/2008 (sum 7); then a foiled bomb plot in Belfast 54-36N (sum 9) on 10/25/2002 (sum 3); then the above-mentioned US ambassador's slaying at Benghazi (Libya) 32-07N (sum 3) on 9/11/2012 i.e. 11th anniversary of 9/11/2001 in New York 73-56W (sum 3) where the poor Stevens was also born and had taken his post on "occult" dates; then at Belfast 54-36N (sum 9) on 7/21/1972 (sum 11); then the infamous double-bombing at Birmingham 52-29N (sum 9) on 11/21/1974 (or 11/3/3) at 8:17h (sum 7) & 20:27h (sum 11) where it was reported that 21 (sum 3) people died & 182 (sum 11) were injured (likely assisted by Jesuit medics so to "fit the formula completely"); at Birmingham 52-29N (sum 9) on 11/4/2001 (sum 9); then the infamous theater massacre at Moscow 55-44N (sum 9) by trio Basayev-Barayev-Bakar (3xB) where their leader Basayev was born on 1/14/1965 (sum 9) and murdered on 7/10/2006 (sum 7); etc.

Not only that, but they also commit mass atrocities too, so for example NATO had begun its maneuvers near Haiti just before the M7.0 (occult 7!) catastrophic quake of 1/12/2010 (sum 7) took place, with epicenter's Latitude of 18-27N (sum 9), which was at 25 km (sum 7) or 16 (sum 7) miles from the capital, and where 3 million people were affected (officially), while there were 52 (sum 7) aftershocks of magnitude above 4.5 (sum 9) within 12 (sum 3) days since the main quake; etc. Obviously, those who compose official reports also look for these additional signs of the "occult", for some sort of "approval" by their god Satan so that they "know" he's pleased and his tummy all set... quite like in ancient times and Mayan rituals for human sacrifice...


Listening to the above famous speech by JFK just before Jesuits killed him, religion and not ideology of any kind is the only vehicle for so many people to be conscripted over generations to do so much evil while thinking it was the right thing to do. For instance, money can't buy such a vast and diverse group of people, and keep them silent over centuries because money is self-consuming so there would be many individuals and groups unsatisfied with their payout, who would often and en mass end up talking publicly about the whole thing. For example, that Jesuits have killed JFK is obvious from comparison of his murder and the Tsarnaev brothers case -- where Tamerlan was a scapegoat same as Lee Harvey Oswald who also "killed" a police officer. It's hard to think of a better way to enrage the local community -- in Boston as in Dallas -- to the point of making the locals want to lynch the "obvious" suspect before he could talk, while also not asking too many questions once he is silenced for ever...
There is no doubt whatsoever that Jesuits killed J.F. Kennedy and his brother Robert. The valiant Kennedy's were the mankind's true princes -- truthfully following the definition of noblemen: of the people, by the people, for the people! They were about to step on the Vatican snake's head, thereby advancing human civilization over night for virtually 500 years -- the time humans basically wasted under the Jesuit scum ever since the creation of that sinister Order, basically the modern-day Praetorian guard for protecting Rome oligarchy.
How else can we tell its the Jesuits? Just look at their (literally their!) Wikipedia page where their Rome headquarters' precise coordinates are listed: 41°54′4.9″N, 12°27′38.2″E.  Add them figures up, and you get the sums of 9 and 7, respectively.  Pretty bold freaks!
And how else still can we tell it's the Jesuits who are behind all this weirdo numerology-turned-license to kill, and not the English?  After the "evil" Carl Bildt of Sweden (a liberal born on an occult date, no less) was tasked with establishing the colonial governor's ("OHR") office in Sarajevo, all six subsequent "High Representatives for Bosnia" (colonial governors): Westendorp, Petritsch, Ashdown, Schwarz-Schilling, Lajčák, Inzko, were/are -- Catholics. "Angels", no less, born on non-occult dates. They even walked an extra mile to bring over colonial governors from countries that are not mostly Catholic like the UK and Germany, trying to cover up the obvious... Obviously also, Queen of England doesn't put all the Catholics in charge of her colonies, now does she.
Speaking of which, even the "High Representative from England Lord Paddy Ashdown" (Paddy the Horrible, as Jesuit media "FTV" dubbed him) is a Catholic/Jesuit who played a tough, evil Anglo man -- the same as CNN's Jesuit Pierce Morgan portrays a "horrible Englishman" for wider audiences, where Jesuit Alex Jones then "rides in to rescue the poor Americans from those horrible, horrible English". So it's a given that Jesuits play all sides...


Of course, there are (many) more examples of the Church's easily provable crimes than what's mentioned in the above. For example, they also announced the "discovery" (oops) of their wishfully hoped-for "God's particle" via their own media -- on the eve of an "occult" date, 7/3/2013 (sum 7). Note here that the absolutely greatest human sacrifices always occur on occult dates: in the Balkans for instance, they used this trickery to advance their ancient divide-and-rule tactics to the maximum: thus on 11/9 they destroyed the architectural jewel Mostar Old Bridge (blamed on Croats), on 7/11 they arranged for Srebrenica to occur as well as both Markale marketplace explosions that prompted NATO bombing of Serbs (all blamed on Serbs). Globally, they do the same kind of mind game: on 9/11, they executed their New York WTC attack (blamed on Muslims), then on 3/11 they conducted the Madrid train bombings, on 7/7 the London subway bombings, etc. Or, say, Rwandan genocide was done between, oh what a "coincidence", between 3rd-7th month of 1994; etc. Not to mention that the entire Bosnian "war" had lasted for 3 years, 9 months, and 13 days sharp, where 13 is another "occult" number Jesuits like to use to "conclude" a contract with their god of evil... Not to mention that the key to unlocking the mystery of 9/11 lays in looking at what completes the ritual numerologically: a 3rd building which collapsed within the Trade Center and which "coincidentally" was numbered as bldg #7! So they have their complete set: 3, 7, 9, 11 - thus "maximizing" the evil that they imagine they had awaken by the New York City massacre... They always seem to be leaving these little clues, just as any sicko murderer gets kicks out of being chased and of getting caught as well. You should consider supporting the global Rethink 9/11 campaign -- exposing papist 3/7/9/11 numerology:
The Srebrenica massacre for example was indeed a genocide,‬ but one that can be ascribed to the Roman-Catholic Church (the Vatican State), and not Serbs or Serbia by any stretch of imagination. Namely, the Srebrenica was simply a premeditated event aimed at enhancing the hatred amongst occupied Illyrians after the Rome had divided the conquered Illyria into "Serbia", "Croatia" and "Bosnia" (Catholicism is just a mental continuation of the Roman Empire -- a new geopolitical "glue" that the Romans cunningly applied after having realized their Empire was about to collapse). For example, the Church has been using the same divide-and-rule geotactics in Africa. So they employed their puppets the Belgians (who now play the "EU" -- new "Holy Roman Empire" v10.0) had made up "Hutu" and "Tutsi" tribes in Rwanda one century ago so to steal that country's natural resources (10% world supplies of tantalum - key element for electronics industry, as it was made obvious by Tesla and others that electronics was the future). And we saw recently that many Catholic priests personally enjoyed committing mass murder in Rwanda, and were sentenced for those crimes against humanity.) Similarly, as they annexed Bosnia in 1908 for its 0-class forest (matched in quality only by Canadian forests, but those are frozen 10 months a year!), that same year they split Congo in four so to steal its diamonds (30% of world supplies) and tantalum (70% of world supplies)... Etc.

A clear proof that the Srebrenica was just a part of this, 2000-years long ritualistic devastation of the collective mind of a conquered people, lays in an identical massacre that had taken place in Serbia's town of Kragujevac, back in 1941. Namely, that was also an obvious human-sacrifice ritual by the Vatican freaks, where Jesuit Nazis followed the exact same "occult"  numerology as they did during the ritual ‪Bosnian‬ "war". So they began the ritual by rounding up ‎Kragujevac‬'s all 70 Jews (sum 7) on 18/10/1941 (sum 7) as "aperitif", went on by arresting all young Serbs above the age 16 (sum 7) as "encore", and then waited for the first next "occult" date to start killing them all: 20/10/1941 (sum 9) -- at 18h sharp (sum 9)! For "desert", Nazi commander of ‎Serbia‬ reported success on 31/10/1941 (sum 11) to his superior in ‪‎Germany‬, General Kuntze, who then ordered on 19/3/1942 (sum 11) to "kill at will" – as a reward, where ‎Kuntze‬ is also known for having being freed after the ‎Nuremberg‬ ‎Trials‬ – which is the same, Vatican-type justice as we see now in real-time at the ‎Hague Tribunal for Yugoslavia (as well as Rwanda where many Catholic priests openly took part in committing mass murder, and quite enjoyed doing it!)‬. This altogether shows that 2013 visit to Srebrenica's commemoration by so many Catholics, such as the Bosnia's papists governor Inzko or the "US" (Vatican's) envoy Moon, or for instance Croatia's and other bikers (wow!) etc., was just another ritual for enjoyment in the evil they can apparently smell in Srebrenica's air even today.

Another staggering proof of papists' sicko numerology is the so-called ‎Sarajevo‬ ‎Film‬ ‎Festival‬ (‎SFF‬) - one of the most bizarre occult ‎Jesuit‬ gatherings in the world. Why? SFF has main prizes always of "occult" sums - for best film, actor/actress, short film, and documentary. For example last year, those prizes were: EUR 16,000 (7), 2500 (7), 2500 (7), 2500 (7), and 3000 (3), respectively, while artistic selection covered a total of 210 (3) films from 57 (3) countries in 21 (3) programs! But the most obvious evidence of SFF being anything else but a gathering of artists is in its numerology since the beginning in war-wrapped Sarajevo. So from 1996-2003, SFF closed always on occult dates: 18/9/1996 (sum 7), 10/9/1997 (9), 30/8/1998 (11), 29/8/1999 (11), 26/8/2000 (9), 25/8/2001 (9), 24/8/2002 (9), 23/8/2003 (7). But then they switched to ‎occult‬ opening dates from 2004-2007: 20/8/2004 (7), 19/8/2005 (7), 18/8/2006 (7), 17/8/2007 (7). Then they switched again, this time to occult sums of opening & closing dates 2008-2011: 15/8/2008-23/8/2008 (sum of sums: 6+5=11), 12/8/2009-20/8/2009 (4+3=7), 23/7/2010-31/7/2010 (6+5=11), 22/7/2011-30/7/2011 (6+5=11). Then they switched last year again to an occult opening date 6/7/2012 (9), only to switch this year in a grave hurry (breaking the regularity for the first time in almost two decades since this ritual exists!) to occult both the opening and closing date: 16/8/2013 (3) - 24/8/2013 (11) of different sums so they could be plotting some mass human-sacrifice for that time around, especially since their ploy of ritual mass-murder of Bosnian MPs in a whole-night hostage situation on 06/06/2013 (of "satanic" sums 6/6/6) has failed after PM ran away (he too was born and sworn in on occult dates, and is on record for stating the press afterwards that he was the main target for murder that night). But the SFF already had its Harlequin sacrifice, akin to murdering of James Gandolfini born 18/9 (9) and killed 19/6 (7) as the world's most famous mocker of evil (and as such a perfect desert for Jesuits' god satan), and Cory Monteith born 11/5 (7) and killed 13/7 (11),where the poor young man's added "sin" in Vatican's preparing for WW (blood offerings to satan) was his - height: 6'3" (9) or 1.91 m (11)! They seem to have sped up randomly killing actors whom they deem satan's favorite food.  Namely, Katrin Cartlidge born 15/5 (sum 11) and dies 7/9 (7) was obviously a victim of another Harlequin sacrifice ritual so that SFF could have a dedication to a "witch" (and thus add to its significance in the demented papist minds). Poor Katrin has died officially "of flu" (which she thus contracted in August!?), exactly 14 days past the 8th SFF, or right after incubation of a deadly (military-grade?) ‎virus! As you can see, SFF is not a festival of art by any stretch of imagination, but an utterly maniacal ritual for marking of a "war" (grand human slaughter, in fact) that lasted 3 yr, 9 mo, 13 days -- sharp. Needless to remind you, but the massacre such as the one that was foiled on 06/06/2013 (6/6/6) or the one likely planned during SFF, is nothing new for Bosnia: other papists like Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, or Ottoman occupation administrator Husrev, are known for periodically and ritually slaughtering (witchcraft orgies with cut-up body parts according to German historians) the country's political top, at Dobor in 1394 and 1408, then in Sarajevo in 1500, and all through the modern day as we can see above.
Another example and a clear proof is the death of President Boris Trajkovski of Macedonia: born 25/6/1956 (7), he died in a plane crash over Bosnia on 26/2/2004 (7), age 47 (11)... Needles to say, eyewitnesses exist who testified that his Government's plane was shot down with a missile, and that survivors were executed on spot by French (Jesuit) NATO ground troops. Macedonia and family have never bought the official Bosnian police/judiciary (completely ran by Jesuits) story of "just an accident", so several investigations have been conducted and then reopened...  In an attempt to mimic this obvious assassination, Jesuits invited 7 Bosnian top political leaders to Brussels on "talks". That this was an attempt at mass assassination (another weirdo ritual of human sacrifice) is obvious also from the "occult" numerology that marked the event and those involved: the meeting was scheduled for 22/3/2013 (short sum 7) or 9 days since election and 3 days since inauguration of the new "pope". The host was an individual by name "Sannino" - an Italian Jesuit who delivered the invitations personally, during his visit to Sarajevo which took place between 25/2 (9) - 27/2 (11). This means the whole ordeal was a ritual which started with summing the lambs to approach the wolf. This intelligence official is the only high-ranking EU official that has no page on English Wikipedia at the time of the "meeting". His name is most likely a pseudonym, because Sannino is actually an anagram in Spanish for “Holy boy” (Santo Nino de Cebu) or the most adored of them angels – the most important statue Catholicism, brought in XVI century by Magellan as a gift to the ruler of the Philippines. The statues was, what a coincidence, made in Brussels. This puts the phantom “Sannino” amongst highest ranking agents of Vatican 2 in Brussels and probably in the World as well.  Needles to say again, the slaughter was supposed to be "celebrated by the crowds" (swept under the rug) that same night, at the Bosnia-Herzegovina (papist colony) soccer team's World Cup qualifier match scheduled to take place that same night and at an occult time. Recall that US ambassador Stevens was also slaughtered in Libya as a scapegoat to mark the Sarajevo gathering of religious leaders, and Bosnia-Herzegovina team was also playing that same occult night... - See more at:

Another example and a clear proof is the death of President Boris Trajkovski of Macedonia: born 25/6/1956 (7), he died in a plane crash over Bosnia on 26/2/2004 (7), age 47 (11)... Needles to say, eyewitnesses exist who testified that his Government's plane was shot down with a missile, and that survivors were executed on spot by French (Jesuit) NATO ground troops. Macedonia and family have never bought the official Bosnian police/judiciary (completely ran by Jesuits) story of "just an accident", so several investigations have been conducted and then reopened...  In an attempt to mimic this obvious assassination, Jesuits invited 7 Bosnian top political leaders to Brussels on "talks". That this was an attempt at mass assassination (another weirdo ritual of human sacrifice) is obvious also from the "occult" numerology that marked the event and those involved: the meeting was scheduled for 22/3/2013 (short sum 7) or 9 days since election and 3 days since inauguration of the new "pope". The host was an individual by name "Sannino" - an Italian Jesuit who delivered the invitations personally, during his visit to Sarajevo which took place between 25/2 (9) - 27/2 (11). This means the whole ordeal was a ritual which started with summing the lambs to approach the wolf. This intelligence official is the only high-ranking EU official that has no page on English Wikipedia at the time of the "meeting". His name is most likely a pseudonym, because Sannino is actually an anagram in Spanish for “Holy boy” (Santo Nino de Cebu) or the most adored of them angels – the most important statue Catholicism, brought in XVI century by Magellan as a gift to the ruler of the Philippines. The statues was, what a coincidence, made in Brussels. This puts the phantom “Sannino” amongst highest ranking agents of Vatican 2 in Brussels and probably in the World as well.  Needles to say again, the slaughter was supposed to be "celebrated by the crowds" (swept under the rug) that same night, at the Bosnia-Herzegovina (papist colony) soccer team's World Cup qualifier match scheduled to take place that same night and at an occult time. Recall that US ambassador Stevens was also slaughtered in Libya as a scapegoat to mark the Sarajevo gathering of religious leaders, and Bosnia-Herzegovina team was also playing that same occult night... - See more at:
Another example and a clear proof is the death of President Boris Trajkovski of Macedonia: born 25/6/1956 (7), he died in a plane crash over Bosnia on 26/2/2004 (7), age 47 (11)... Needles to say, eyewitnesses exist who testified that his Government's plane was shot down with a missile, and that survivors were executed on spot by French (Jesuit) NATO ground troops. Macedonia and family have never bought the official Bosnian police/judiciary (completely ran by Jesuits) story of "just an accident", so several investigations have been conducted and then reopened...  In an attempt to mimic this obvious assassination, Jesuits invited 7 Bosnian top political leaders to Brussels on "talks". That this was an attempt at mass assassination (another weirdo ritual of human sacrifice) is obvious also from the "occult" numerology that marked the event and those involved: the meeting was scheduled for 22/3/2013 (short sum 7) or 9 days since election and 3 days since inauguration of the new "pope". The host was an individual by name "Sannino" - an Italian Jesuit who delivered the invitations personally, during his visit to Sarajevo which took place between 25/2 (9) - 27/2 (11). This means the whole ordeal was a ritual which started with summing the lambs to approach the wolf. This intelligence official is the only high-ranking EU official that has no page on English Wikipedia at the time of the "meeting". His name is most likely a pseudonym, because Sannino is actually an anagram in Spanish for “Holy boy” (Santo Nino de Cebu) or the most adored of them angels – the most important statue Catholicism, brought in XVI century by Magellan as a gift to the ruler of the Philippines. The statues was, what a coincidence, made in Brussels. This puts the phantom “Sannino” amongst highest ranking agents of Vatican 2 in Brussels and probably in the World as well.  Needles to say again, the slaughter was supposed to be "celebrated by the crowds" (swept under the rug) that same night, at the Bosnia-Herzegovina (papist colony) soccer team's World Cup qualifier match scheduled to take place that same night and at an occult time. Recall that US ambassador Stevens was also slaughtered in Libya as a scapegoat to mark the Sarajevo gathering of religious leaders, and Bosnia-Herzegovina team was also playing that same occult night...
Anyone who knows a bit of math and statistics sees readily that there is no coincidence here. Simply put, it is always the same type (by some/any measure) of atrocities that occur always according to a same formula, 1-on-1. For instance, why not on dates whose digits add up to 1/4/6/8? Or, why not at a latitude, or time, or age, whose digits add up to 1/4/6/8?
The only remaining question is: what to do against this sort of systemic evil that knows no borders, has no respect for human life or brilliance of human mind/talent? Well, listening to the very source of evil - Jesuits themselves - life and death are all the same to them to begin with. So why let them live then? If Aliens invaded the Earth and did the same what Jesuits have been doing for centuries, isn’t a total, no-captives war what we would do, no questions asked?


11 January, 2013

2012 Physics Nobel Laureates Wineland And Haroche Stole The Discovery, Says Crown Prince

Royal Swedish Academy As A Crime Scene – It is revealed that 2012 Nobel laureates for physics have stolen the rewarded discovery that was submitted to one of the recipient’s public NIST office for verification back in 2008.

Stockholm/Sarajevo, January 11, 2013 – An official report was submitted to Nobel Committee and Swedish Police, offering proof beyond doubt that this year’s recipients of Nobel Prize in physics, David J. Wineland and Serge Haroche, were awarded the Prize for a discovery they acquired from Bosnian Crown Prince Mensur Omerbashich in 2008, while at the same time betraying public trust in responsible office Wineland fills at NIST.

Their “ingenious” discovery is actually Dr. Omerbashich’s discovery of how quantum and mechanist-scales physics are related/cancelled via simple fundamental ratio of 369.2 (gravitational resonance). The discoverer had sent his result to NIST in 2008 expecting a comment and verification from their publicly funded office. Instead of responding properly, Wineland (of NIST) forged his research and presented the discovery as his own. Haroche is at fault by association past 2008.

All Wineland did was trivially use a gas with affinity equal to Dr. Omerbashich’s fundamental ratio (369.2 kJ mol−1 –> Argon), while hiding the fact that he learned about this fundamental ratio from Dr. Omerbashich via personal communication. He thus “ingeniously” annulled the “magical” causes of entanglement. He still pretends he “doesn’t know” why of all beams, it is Argon which works for this specific purpose. Also, Dr. Omerbashich clearly states in his work that entanglement is not real and Wineland knew this also from Dr. Omerbashich. But instead of admitting he/they just verified another man’s discovery, Wineland and Haroche presented it as their own while Dr. Omerbashich waited (and waited) for a reply.

Since the recipients have obtained the discovery through a heinous act of crime, they must be stripped of the Prize regardless of its rules since no one is above law. The rules themselves must be amended in this case in order to comply with the law for the present case and for all future, so that criminals with degrees could never again be awarded the highest accolade.

Update July 2013: Crown prince Omerbashich declared Kingdom in June 2013 under the provisions of international dynastic law and styled himself The King of Bosnia and All of Illyria, while asuming the powers of a Government-in-Exile as well as the Parliament which he subsequently dissolved in its present form (of a papal colonial Assembly under six subsequent foreign Catholic governors). In the meantime also, a famed Nobel laureate for (quantum) physics Brian Josephson has agreed with the king in a debate: there are too many coincidences in this Nobel Prize dispute case and the argon affinity (particlequake energy output) value matching the king's gravitational resonance is indeed a remarkable coincidence (personal communication, 2013). This is forensic evidence that a theft of intellectual property has indeed occurred in this case: simply put, apart from the king's gravitational resonance and argon affinity (pivotal in "Wineland's" result for which he offers no theory), there is no third quantity in physics with the value  of 369.2. The discovery which David Wineland of NIST thus stole from king to make praised, allegedly magical apparatus (while "forgetting" to spell out a "theory" behind the abridging of quantum and mechanist worlds), shows quantum physics is a byproduct of secondary, resonant effects of the Moon (tides) against the Earth. This confirms Einstein's claims that (a) quantum mechanics is bogus (locally real albeit only beyond resonant systems such as Earth-Moon that hinder locality and impose common-resonance settings for quantum phenomena to trivially apply even "at a distance" but only within the system), and, (b) geophysics would have the final word.

Basic information and documentation including parts of the correspondence can be found at:

Source: HM The King of Bosnia and All of Illyria Mensur Omerbashich
(Ph.D. Theoretical Geophysics, UNB Canada 2004)

The Bosnian Royal Family
P.O. Box 1